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Versatile optimization tool to keep your PC free from viruses and junk files
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If in need of a basic level of protection for your PC against the most common viruses, and a tool to keep your computer free of junk and unnecessary files and to protect your privacy against malware programs, Reimage Express is a free alternative worth considering. Its fast scan process will check the most sensitive areas of your PC in a snap and will offer to fix whatever problems it may have encountered.

The program’s tabbed interface makes the entire scan and cleaning processes easy to perform and follow. The scan process itself is pretty fast, and it produces a comprehensive report of all the areas checked. It will provide you with a summary showing the current status of your PC in three main areas – privacy protection, system errors, junk files, malware protection, and stability. A color-coded scale will let you know at a glance how bad the situation is in these areas. Unlike most similar trials – which merely try to scare you off by presenting a post-apocalyptic scenario that only the Pro version can solve – once the scan is over, Reimage Express will offer to fix all the issues found.

Once your PC is free from all the problems found, you can move to the PC Overview tab, where you will find useful information about your CPU, mainboard, memory modules, video card, and local drives that will help you make the right decisions about your system’s performance when necessary. This tool also helps you decide which of the programs currently launching at startup need to be there at all, so you can check or uncheck each of them accordingly.

Finally, the Restore Points tab will show you a list of all the restore points created by this or any other program installed on your computer, so that you can decide if they are still worth keeping or not. You can also restore any of the points listed from here.

For a free tool, some may say that Reimage Express is far too basic to provide real protection for your PC, and they may be right. However, as a showcase for what the commercial versions of the program can do, this utility delivers much more than most of its competitors. It does clean your PC of junk files, it does remove any viruses found, and it does fix any broken registry entries or problematic DLLs it may find. All in all, this is much more than what you usually get when checking new optimization tools.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Removes all junk files
  • Detects and removes well-known types of viruses
  • Checks for broken entries in your Windows Registry
  • Fast scan process


  • The free version offers but a basic protection level
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